What is the Artist Support Program?

Know about Artist Support Program by Fabio S John Music Productions

What is the Artist Support Program?

Artist Support Program is a program created by Fabio S John Music Productions on behalf of Fabio S John in order to support small Musical Artists grow on the line loved by them. In this blog, you will know everything about Artist Support Program.

How to Join Artist Support Program?

Just email: fabiosjohnmusicproductions@gmail.com or fabiosjohn@gmail.com and ask for the form to join Artist Support Program. Soon your request will be accepted and you’ll receive a mail with the link to the online joining form.

About the online Form

Online Form will ask you for basic information like Name, Date of Birth, Whatsapp number, email, etc. The form will be linked to Whatsapp and your request will be processed as soon as you submit the form.

Who can join?

The Person having a Whatsapp account can only join this program as all the work will be done via Whatsapp.

The Whatsapp account linked to the form will be a semi-auto bot?

Yes, The Whatsapp account linked with the form will be controlled by Artificial Intelligence. When you submit the form, you’ll receive a Whatsapp Message about your Success or Failure to join Artist Support Program.


The Artist connected to the Artist Support Program will get

  1. Free release

  2. Free Basic Promotion

  3. Release to the World’s leading Music Stores

  4. 50% chance of being famous

  5. Standard Collaboration

  6. Copyright to their release

  7. Licensed Music

Will you get Royalty

Yes, you will get royalty if your song receives it. Fabio S John Music Productions will get 50% of the total.

Partner Music Stores

AliGenie, Anghami, Audible Magic, AWA, Boomplay, Facebook Rights Manager, Gracenote, iHeart, IMI Mobile, iTunes, Jaxsta, JioSaavn, KDigital Media, Kkbox, Mixcloud, MonkingMe, NetEase Cloud Music, Resso, Rhapsody, Tencent, United Media Agency (UMA), Yandex, YouTube Audio Content ID and Zvooq.

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